DCLC shall be an academic institution providing excellent education by fostering a learning environment accesible to all and geared towards developing a well-educated individual with the ethics, thinking and leadership skills necessary to be a productive member of society.
To produce well-rounded and globally competitive graduates with high levels of critical thinking, humanistic values, conceptual and technical skills in accordance with the standards of academic programs and industry requirements relevant to nation building.

The impetus of the college started in 1979, when the husband and wife tandem of Dr. Romeo B. Casual and Dra. Ruby Lanting-Casaul rented a garage-sized room along Sangandaan, Quirino Highway and converted it into a Lying-in owing to the increasing number of patients and deliveries. In 1980, the couple applied for a medical license for 10 beds with primary care services catering to minor surgical and obstetrical services plus some basic laboratory examinations.

Due to the influx of patients and the ever-growing needs of the clientele, construction of the Casaul General Hospital started on its present site, with a 50-bed capacity rendering secondary medical services.

It was in 1993 when the idea of establishing a paramedical school took its roots, and when everything was in place, a year later in 1984, the school of Midwifery commenced with an initial batch of 42 students. Simultaneously, a nursery school started operations with 20 pupils. A year later, additional courses were offered namely: Dental, Food & Radiology Technology including the grade school. Two years later, the College of Nursing and BSRT also began operation, with the High School Department also being started.

The fruits of hardship, endeavor and dedicated work paid off so sweetly, when DCLC (Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College) graduates garnered top positions in their respective Board Examinations beginning in 1988 and quite consistently every year, the list of Board Topnothcers wouldn't be complete without DCLC graduates dotting the list.

The year 1995 proved to be a glorious year for DCLC, in particular the Radiologic Technology Department because we had been declared by PRC as number one among schools offering Radiologic Technology school has thus far achieved nor duplicated.

Also in 1995, under the vision of Dr. Romeo and Ruby Casaul, the birth of the College of Maritime Education began, thus, we are now offering Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration and Seafarerís Rating Course duly certified as the Thirty-third (33rd) Maritime Academy worldwide complying to International Standard by a reputable institution namely Det Norske Veritas.

The year 2000 up to present has catapulted DCLC to nationwide distinction. The College of Nursing has produced its very first Board Topnotcher in the person of Ms. Dinabelle Fermin during the Nursing Licensure Examination given by the PRCD in the year 2000, and has since, the roster of board topnotchers for Nursing will not be complete without DCLC graduates occupying respectable top ten finish. In fact, the December 2005 Nursing Board Examination saw 7 of our graduates garnering positions in the top 10, a living testimony of our schoolís continued quest for academic excellence.

The passage of eventful years have seen numerous programs and disciplines successively being offered namely: Graduate Studies, BS Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, Liberal Arts, Business Courses, Education, Computer Science, Customs Administration, Maritime Education, Health Aide, Caregiver Course. The Casaul Technological Institute was eventually opened to provide short-course technical skills whose market locally and globally has continued to rise. The DCLC Bicol branch in Tabaco, Albay was also opened in response to ever increasing need for reputable educational institutions that side of the country.

When everything seems to be falling in place for our dear DCLC, a most tragic event befell our institution with the untimely demise of our well-loved and respected President Romeo B Casaul in October of 2003. Though hurting from this great loss, the widow, Dr. Ruby Lanting-Casaul took the cudgels and assumed the Presidency with visions for further greatness of the Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College. Our school has recently passed the ISO 9001:2000 Certification Audit from the very strict and prestigious AJA Registrars based in the United Kingdom, another proof of a world-class institution DCLC has come to be.

With Dra. Ruby Lanting Ė Casaul as President and Dr. Dennis Mayer A. Tan as the Chief Executive Officer, several changes have been effected in the year 2005. Academic activities and instructional enhancement were given top priority. Classrooms were made air-conditioned to make them conducive to learning. Library aesthetically renovated. Internet rooms, speech laboratory, nursing skills laboratory, related learning experience laboratory and Information Center were constructed. The physical image of several offices was also improved. Everything was done to give the best possible services to its clientele.

Year 2009, the whole DCSLC academic community was deeply saddened by the loss of its beloved President, Dra. Ruby Lanting Ė Casaul. With her demise, Dr. Dennis Mayer A. Tan assumed the leadership role, continued improving the over-all image of the institution and effecting necessary changes in organizational system to ensure that the clients get the best services they deserve. He completed the renovation of the modernized HRM building which he named Dra. Ruby Lanting Casaul-Tan, in honour of his wife. Another milestone in the institution is the installation of the elevator in the main building in 2010, to the great delight of all students and employees. There is no reprieve in Dr. Tanís transformation of the school into a world class institution as shown in the artistic renovation and modernization of the Business Administration department, Allied Health Department laboratory, Midwifery classroom and the expected operation of the elevator at the Annex Building this School Year 2012-2013.

With the current administration, the DCSLC Academic community is assured that the founderís vision will be pursued and that their legacy to help young people to have brighter future through quality education will continue.